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Q: What kind of investments are made with the Funds?
A: The Board of Directors, in accordance with Article VII of the Foundation Bylaws, will select the depositories and level of risk assumed for the funds. The CFEO Finance Committee recommends the risk level should be minimal until the Foundation accumulates sufficient assets to justify diversification into investments with greater risks. Insured bank deposits are considered the vehicle with the least risk. The Treasurer of the CFEO is authorized to invest in the following types of investments:
  • 1. Deposits with Public Depositories
  • 2. U. S. Treasury Obligations
  • 3. Federal Agency Securities
  • 4. Corporate Bonds (rated AA or better)
  • 5. Money Market Accounts
  • 6. Mutual Funds (consisting solely of the above investment types)

    Q: Does the money have to go for a scholarship or are there other needs for which a fund can be established?
    A: There are needs in addition to scholarships. Scholarships are an often used mission, but the assistance of education at other levels is also extremely important as well.

    Q: Can dollars be added to an existing fund?
    A: Yes. All funds are available for additional contributions.

    Q: If we were to establish a scholarship, how will we know how it is doing?
    A: You will receive a Treasurer's report which identifies the activities of each fund established by the Foundation. If the fund requires involvement in selection, the appropriate selection committee, under the direction of the Vice-President, will contact regarding selection.

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