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Q: Can I be sure the money I contribute will stay in the fund I intend?
A: Yes, if a fund is established first. If you represent a graduating class of Caldwell High School, funds can be held temporarily in the Class Holding Fund until a sufficient amount has been contributed to convert to an endowed or currently expendable fund.

Q: How large would the scholarship be with a fund of $5,000 on average?
A: This depends upon interest rates and the economy, but generally we have experienced scholarships in the $250.00 to $300.00 range.

Q: Can a Scholarship be awarded while we are building the fund?
A: Yes, especially if it is currently expendable. We have had a number of funds where the donor contributes money to build up the balance.

Q: Who decides how criteria is established?
A: The donor, with the approval of the Board of Directors. We do offer assistance in this regard to assure criteria that can be followed and to avoid ambiguity.

Q: Is the fund professionally managed?
A: Yes. The CFEO has a fiscal policy that governs its investments and investments and expenditures. Reporting is handled by John Dean, CPA, Treasurer of the Foundation, and the Finance Committee, in consultation with other professionals as needed, under the direction of the Executive Board and Board of Directors.

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